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On-site CE Classes for Agents and Brokers


Why Should I Offer On-site Classes?

On-site classes allow your agents to conveniently satisfy their continuing education requirements without any cost or financial risk to you. If you are a Maryland broker, they will also help you satisfy your broker supervision responsibilities. The program is very easy to start and run. We will advertise the classes, handle enrollments, answer agent questions, issue and replace completion certificates, maintain records in our permanent files, report attendance to the various real estate commissions as required and respond to commission requests for information in the event an agent is audited. Once implemented, the program practically runs on autopilot.

Why Should I Use The Professional Development Institute?

Since our founding in 1998, PDI has educated thousands of real estate agents, appraisers and mortgage originators on-site, in hotels and in our own training facilities. We are a leader in offering Maryland and DC instructor-led classes, broker pre-licensing courses, online continuing education courses and are one of just a handful of schools approved to offer Maryland salesperson pre-licensing training online. PDI enjoys considerable name recognition and a reputation as a reliable, highly capable and professional firm offering a wide variety of mandatory and elective courses taught by experienced instructors.

What Classes are Available?

We can offer dozens of mandatory and elective courses for Maryland and DC continuing education credit, including courses of particular interest to commercial practitioners. Virtually all of our courses will be accepted by reciprocity by the Virginia Real Estate Board. We will provide a complete list and keep you updated as new courses are approved.

How much do the classes cost?

Onsite classes cost substantially less than they do when we offer them in our own facilities or in hotels.

The prices are:

_ 1 1/2 class hours.............$17.00/person (two-class minimum, unless offered with a 3-hour class)
_ 3 class hours...................$32.00/person.

There are no additional fees for multiple certificates or payment by charge card.

Can You Offer a Course That Isn't On The List?

Yes. We are highly receptive to suggestions for new topics of interest to agents. Tell us the topic and we will consider developing an outline and submitting it for approval.

May I, Or Others Not Presently Teaching For PDI, Teach A Class?

Yes, any qualified instructor may teach a class. E.g., you may wish to have a lender, title attorney or home inspector teach a class he or she has developed. We will be happy to submit the class for approval. All instructors will be independent contractors providing services to PDI and required to qualify on the basis of subject matter knowledge and teaching experience, in addition to any other criteria established by the real estate commissions. We will provide details on lead times and fees, if any.

Must I Guarantee A Minimum Enrollmentor Pay A Minimum Fee? Is There A Cancellation Fee?

Unlike other schools, we do not charge a flat fee or require you to guarantee a minimum attendance in order to bring a class to your office. We do not charge a fee if you need to reschedule or cancel a class. With our program, there is absolutely no cost or financial risk to you.

May I Pay For My Agents?

Yes, you may pay all or part of the class fee, if you wish. It's entirely up to you.

Who Makes The Decision To Cancel A Class?

You make that decision for reasons other than inclement weather or insufficient advance enrollment. All we ask is that you give us at least two business days notice so we can give sufficient time to enrollees. We will make the decision if the weather makes travel inadvisable or advance enrollment is fewer than four agents. Because we are willing to run classes with so few agents, we almost never cancel a class.

Where May Classes Be Taught?

Classes may be held in any setting conducive to training which complies with the Americans with Disability Act and applicable fire, safety and zoning codes. They may be held in training and conference rooms but not an open area ordinarily used by agents.

Will PDI Promote The Class?

We will advertise the class on our website and promote it to our email database of agents, typically 1,500 per month, whose license is coming due for renewal. We usually promote twice to these agents. There is no charge for this advertising. At your request, we will promote to your own email data base. There is no charge for the first 2,000 emails. Additional emails will incur a small fee. If you wish to advertise more broadly, for a small fee we will promote to part or all of our data base of approximately 50,000 agents, brokers, and associate brokers in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Please contact us for details.

May I Advertise To My Own Email or Postal Lists? 

Subject to our approval of the copy, you may advertise by any means for DC or Virginia credit classes. The Maryland Real Estate Commission does not permit entities other than approved schools to advertise individual credit classes. For Maryland classes, at your request, we will promote to your mailing list. There is no charge for the first 2,000 emails.

How Much Lead Time Is Required To Offer a Course? 

The lead time for course approvals are, five weeks for Maryland credit, ten weeks for DC and ten or more weeks for Virginia, depending on the meeting schedule of the Real Estate Board. We will provide detailed information.

The PDI Difference

PDI's on-site program is the best one available because we offer numerous advantages and features not usually offered by other schools. Here's what sets us apart.

Numerous Approved Classes, When You Want Them.

Most other schools offer a limited number of courses taught by a few instructors. After a while the offerings can become repetitive and of diminished interest and educational value. PDI has dozens of instructors and approval for more than two dozen continuing education courses. With so many instructors and classes, we can present a fresh class to your agents almost any time you desire.

Virtually No Demand on Your Time

All enrollments are done by the agents on our web site, so you will not have to collect and remit course fees to us. If an agent wants to withdraw from a class, he or she does so by contacting us. You may schedule, postpone or cancel a class with just a phone call. When the maximum class size (which you specify) has been reached, the class will automatically be closed. If you should decide to increase the limit all you have to do is to call us, and we will promptly make the necessary changes to our web site. We will handle all questions, refunds, transfers and required record keeping, report completions and inform agents of any changes in scheduling due to inclement weather or other reasons. Once put in place, the program practically runs on auto-pilot.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses or Financial Risk.

You do not have to guarantee a minimum class size, or pay a flat fee or class cancellation fee.

No Add-on Fees That Can Discourage Enrollment

Unlike some other schools which give the appearance of having lower prices but impose extra fees for charge card payments and additional certificates which can exceed the cost of the class, our prices are complete and clearly posted in our schedule.

Free Advertising

We will promote the classes on our web site and by email to some 1,500 agents whose license is coming up for renewal, at no charge. If you wish, we will also send an announcement to your own email list. There is no charge for the first 2,000 emails.

Some Classes Could Be Free.

With your approval, we will promote your office as an available training site to our BusinessBuilderâ„¢ clients, which include some of the largest settlement companies in the area. Our clients often underwrite part or all of the cost of the course, which further reduces the cost to your agents and encourages greater enrollment. If you know of a settlement company, lender, home inspection firm or other firm providing services to real estate professionals who may be interested in subsidizing part or all of the cost through our BusinessBuilder program, please tell us. We will handle all of the administrative arrangements directly with the firm.

We're Easy to Work With.

Our staff is extremely professional, capable and responsive. Arrangements are usually made by a simple phone call to us. If an outline you submit for approval needs tweaking, we will gladly offer suggestions. Our sophisticated computer database, expanded over the years and second to none, allows you to use the Internet to easily ascertain 24/7 how many agents have registered. This allows you to make arrangements sufficiently in advance so you can make arrangements for administrative help, hand-outs and food.

Please contact Winnie, 240-514-2326, for more information and a list of approved courses. Winnie will be happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions for classes to offer.

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