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Business Builder Program


What is Business Builder™?

Business Builder™ is a highly effective program that enables title attorneys, lenders, home inspectors and others to reach out to real estate agents by teaching an approved continuing education class for the Professional Development Institute (PDI). Agents pay a discounted price for the class, which encourages a large turnout. You may further enhance attendance by subsidizing the agent’s fee in part or in whole and by offering food or other inducements. All sponsorship activities will be prominently acknowledged, thereby furthering your brand and name recognition.

Why should I use the Professional Development Institute?

Some of the largest settlement and mortgage companies in the Maryland-Virginia-DC area participate in PDI’s Business Builder™ program. We have offered hundreds of classes under the program and have established ourselves as preeminent among schools in the MD-DC-VA area. We enjoy considerable name recognition and are known for the excellence of our courses, instructors and administrative staff. 

How does the program work?

You decide the date, time and place of the class, the maximum class size, if desired, and make the arrangements for the facility. Agents sign up and pay for the class themselves on our web site. The price the agent pays depends on whether you chose to subsidize part or all of the cost. In the absence of a subsidy, the price to the agent for a three-hour class is $27.00, and $17.00 for a 1.5 hour class. We will advertise the class, make arrangements for monitors, provide completion certificates, answer questions from the agents, report attendance, and keep records, as required. 

May I teach a class that's not on the list?

Yes. Give us the outline in the appropriate format (we will provide a sample) and we will submit it for approval to the various authorities.

How much does Business Builder™ cost? Must I guarantee enrollment or pay a flat fee? Is there a cancellation fee?

You are not required to guarantee enrollment or pay a flat fee to PDI. There is no fee for submitting a course for Maryland or Virginia approval, although Commission application fees may apply for submissions to other jurisdictions. Other than these, there are no other costs to you unless you choose to sponsor a class. 

Tell me more about sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsoring a class is far and away the most effective way to encourage a big turnout. It may take several forms such as, subsidizing the price the agent pays for the class in part or in full or providing meals or refreshments. The type and extent of sponsorship may vary from class to class to enable you to keep within your advertising budget. 

Where may classes be taught?

You may teach the class in any facility conducive to training. Examples of acceptable venues are, a conference or training room in your office or that of a broker; a hotel conference room; an auditorium or theater, or a private room in a restaurant. To make the class especially attractive,  you could teach it in a special venue such as a winery or on a cruise ship (both of which PDI has done).

Will PDI promote the class?

We will advertise the class on our website and promote it to our email database of agents whose license is coming due for renewal. There is no charge for this advertising. We will also promote the class in our monthly newsletter, which we send to agents, brokers, and associate brokers.

May I advertise to my own email or postal lists? On my website?

Yes. We will provide a template which conforms to real estate commission requirements. 

Is there a way to promote my services to agents without teaching a class?

Yes. Under our sponsorship program, you don’t have to personally teach the class. For an additional fee we will provide an approved, highly qualified instructor.


The PDI Difference

PDI’s Business Builder™ program is the best program of its kind because of numerous features not usually available under similar programs which may be offered by other schools. Here’s what sets us apart.

  • Virtually No Demand on Your Time.
  • Absolutely No Financial Risk.
  • Free Advertising.
  • Dozens of Mandatory and Elective Continuing Education Courses to Choose From.
  • You Can Develop Your Own Class.
  • We Will Seek Approval for Classes You Presently Teach Elsewhere, or Wish to Develop.
  • Approval for Additional Instructors May be Requested Any Time.
  • Access to Real-time Class Enrollment Information.
  • Professional, Capable and Responsive Staff.


What's the Next Step?

Please contact us at to obtain additional information or to discuss arranging classes.


An important note on RESPA Compliance

PDI makes no representation that settlement attorneys, lenders and others subject to RESPA who participate in its Business Builder™ program will be in compliance with RESPA. Please carefully review applicable RESPA provisions and make your own determination.

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