License By Reciprocity: How To Get A License if Licensed in Other States


Are you a licensed salesperson or broker in a state and would like to increase your business? It's easy to do business in a nearby jurisdiction! In most cases, you need only pass the state portion of the licensing exam.

Get Your Maryland Real Estate License By Reciprocity

Contact the MD Real Estate Commission for more information about its reciprocity agreements with other states by calling (410) 230-6230. More information on Maryland reciprocity can be found here. You will need to pass the Maryland state exam in order to get your license. 

Recommended Study Material:

  • The MD Real Estate Exam Prep will help with passing the PSI Exam.
  • Maryland Real Estate Law and Exam Prep Book. Please allow at least 14 days and call us at 3019491771
  • Maryland PSI Exam Prep Qbank. See Study Materials

Get a DC License By Reciprocity

Get your DC license by reciprocity and do business in DC. All you need is to take the Fair Housing Class and pass the law portion of the DC Real Estate Exam. For more licensing information, call 888-204-6192

If you are a MD or VA Licensed agent:

  1. Take the DC Fair Housing course that is given all throughout the year
  2. Get a Original Letter of Certification (letter of licensure) to show that you are in good standing in your state
  3. Sit for the law part of the DC exam. Licensing Examinations for Real Estate are administered by PSI and they can be reached 866-270-9817

Note: To obtain a DC license, Maryland salespersons licensed before 1996 may be required to obtain a license by "waiver", which will entail additional courses. Call PSI at (888) 204-6192.

DC Law Exam Review

To help you prepare for the law portion of the DC Real Estate Exam, the Professional Development Institute has designed a three hour review class (non-credit) called "DC Law Exam Review" that is held throughout the year.

  • A list of upcoming DC Law Exam Review classes
  • Private Tutoring for the Law portion of the DC Exam is also available. PDI offers private tutoring sessions with our instructors to help get your DC license by reciprocity. Cost is $95/hour. Download the private tutoring form.

Virginia Real Estate License By Reciprocity

Contact: The Virginia Real Estate Board at (804) 367-8500 or Licensing Section: (804) 367-8526 or email

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