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Maryland Broker Real Estate Training


The broker course consists of 135 hours of instruction, as required by the Real Estate Commission. PDI's approved course consists of three, 45-hour classes (Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3).

  • Convenient payment option to pay for each course seperately
  • Generous refund policy

For additional information about Pre-licensing Broker Training, please call PDI at 301-949-1771. 

School Policy

Guaranteed Enrollment

The broker course consists of 135 hours of instruction, as required by the Real Estate Commission. PDI's approved course consists of three, 45-hour classes (Class I, Class II, and Class III). You have the flexibility of paying for each class when you enroll.

Lateness, Class Make-UpThe Real Estate Commission requires that you attend all 135 hours of instruction before you receive a completion certificate. If you are late, or miss any classes, it will be necessary for you to make up the time. The time may be made up at no charge in subsequent classes, on a space-available basis, or you may arrange to attend special make-up sessions. The charge for the special sessions is $95.00/hour, divided by the number of students in the make-up class. For example, if there are three students in a three-hour make-up class, the cost to each will be $95.

Attendance, Breaks

For every three hours of class time, a student will be allowed an additional 15 minutes of class absence in addition to breaks. This can be enforced on an hourly basis (in other words, no more than 5 minutes of absence in a hour) or in 3 hour segments (no more than 15 minutes of absence in a 3 hour segment). This is not an additional break time. It may be used by the student to take a short phone call, use it for restroom break, etc. Teaching continues in those fifteen minutes. If a student is away more than the 15 minutes-in a 3 hour period, they will need to make up an entire hour of missed time. Students cannot use the 15 minutes to leave early from class.


Your tuition payment for a class will be fully refunded if the class is canceled, or if you withdraw seven or more days before the first day of class. 80% of the tuition will be refunded if you withdraw before the third class (i.e., before the seventh hour of instruction begins). No tuition refund will be given thereafter.

To Enroll For Broker Pre-licensing Classes

Complete the Enrollment Form broker class. Then fax it to 301-949-5441 or mail it to PDI Administrative Office 10410 Kensington Parkway #114, Kensington, MD 20895. For additional information, please call PDI at please call PDI at 301-949-1771. Download Enrollment Form

MD Broker Exam (PSI)

Upon completion of the Broker Pre-licensing Training (135 Hrs), please contact PSI to register for the MD Broker Exam.

To register for the MD Broker exam, please contact:

  • PSI (Licensure: Certification)
  • 3210 East Tropicana
  • Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • Phone: 1-800-733-9267 Fax: 1-818-247-3853
  • Email:
  • Website:

Download MD Broker Candidate packet (PSI) 

10410 Kensington Parkway #114
Kensington, MD, 20895

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